Specialized Investment Management for Physicians

As a physician, you are among one of the highest earning professionals in the country. Unfortunately, a high income does not guarantee financial success.

In fact, high-earning physicians often face far more financial complexities than most of the population—complexities that take specialized financial expertise to tackle.

In our specialized work with physicians, we help you answer tough questions, like:
  • How can I plan for a successful retirement with a fluctuating income?
  • How should I structure my investments?
  • How do I protect and grow my assets?

Who We Serve

  • Understand the importance of protecting what they have earned
  • Are ready to invest to build wealth for the future
  • Feel they can benefit from a financial professional’s knowledge, expertise, and experience to regain their own time and focus on their careers and families

How We Serve Physicians

Since our founding in 2009, we’ve helped countless physicians invest, grow and determine the best way to manage their wealth. We’ve also served as a trusted retirement plan advisor for hospitals and healthcare organizations across the tri-state area. Through this work, we’ve developed a deep understanding of the retirement benefits typically available to physicians, alternatives to employer-sponsored plans, and most importantly, strategies to help secure a successful retirement. Together with our affiliates, we have more than three decades of collective experience providing advisory and investment services to healthcare organizations and physicians.

We simplify the investment process, address the complexities physicians face, and help physicians reach their financial goals by:

  • Developing a portfolio that caters to each physician’s needs
  • Choosing appropriate, low-cost investment options
  • Identifying tax-efficient investment strategies
  • Offering a fully transparent fee-only structure

With the proper asset allocation, investment selection and assessment of personal risk tolerance, we help position you to maximize your potential for building and protecting wealth.

Our Investment Approach

Our process begins with an in-depth review of your specific needs, goals and personal risk tolerance. We then create an individual investment plan that carefully balances these along with your financial time horizon, growth targets and income needs. We regularly monitor and adjust your portfolio to make sure it remains aligned with your unique investment profile.

Whether you are extremely conservative and focused on capital preservation and income, or ultra-aggressive seeking long-term growth, we will work with you to determine a custom portfolio allocation that is right for you.

If you are interested in learning more, we invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation with an advisor by contacting us here or calling our office at 1-877-760-3540.


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