How It All Began: The Story Behind Aspire Advisors

How It All Began: The Story Behind Aspire Advisors

Our origins go back to founder John Hamilton’s fundamental belief in the importance of providing independent, fiduciary advice and investment services at a reasonable and fully transparent cost.

With this as the bedrock of our mission, Aspire Advisors has grown to serve an array of institutional clients and private clients preparing for retirement, guided by John’s commitment to outstanding service. Leveraging years of experience serving the healthcare industry, we bring deep understanding and perspective into the challenges and opportunities of one group in particular: physicians and healthcare professionals. Here’s a look at the story behind Aspire Advisors.

Meeting a Need

Our firm’s roots go back to 1986, when John created Hamilton Cavanaugh & Associates, Inc. His goal was straightforward but impactful: provide robust retirement plan consulting services to plan sponsors and participants primarily in the nonprofit world and healthcare industry. 

The more he worked with healthcare associations and hospital retirement plans, the more he saw the need for objective fiduciary advisory services, free from the conflict created when an advisor’s compensation depends on which investment products a client selects. And as Hamilton Cavanaugh assisted healthcare professionals and executives navigate their retirement plans over the years, they saw a need for relationship-based investment advice and management customized to these professionals’ individual needs. In 2009, John decided to create an affiliate firm specializing in meeting those needs, and Aspire Advisors was born. 

Our Mission

Now, Aspire Advisors has a team of passionate, experienced advisors who serve as financial advocates for their clients. With 35 years of experience helping physicians, healthcare professionals, and executives achieve their lifestyle and financial goals, the firm holds fast to its mission of providing unmatched expertise, creative solutions for clients, and outstanding service. 

We get to spend our days helping clients invest, grow, and manage their wealth in ways that are tailored to their circumstances, goals, and dreams. We are intimately familiar with the retirement benefits often available to physicians and healthcare professionals and, most importantly, strategies to help secure their ideal retirements. We offer independent, objective advice and keep our fees transparent and competitive. 

Why We Love What We Do

We strive to release the burden of financial management from our clients’ shoulders so they can invest their time and energy into the careers they love and the things that matter most to them. There’s nothing like seeing the relief on a client’s face when he or she realizes that they have a solid plan and can look to the future with confidence instead of worry. Each of our clients has a story, and we love getting to know them, building long-term relationships, and walking alongside them as they face life’s challenges and milestones. 

Want to Know More?

Aspire Advisors exists for you. Pursuing and achieving goals is much easier when you aren’t alone in the process—and, a dedicated and experienced guide can make all the difference. If you’re interested in learning more about how we serve our clients, we encourage you to schedule a complimentary consultation by calling 877-760-3540 or emailing

About Aspire Advisors

Aspire Advisors, LLC is an independent, fee-only financial advisory firm providing financial planning and investment management solutions for healthcare professionals throughout the broader tri-state area. The Aspire team has a long track record of helping nonprofits, hospitals, physicians, and healthcare executives. As a registered investment advisor, Aspire is a fiduciary and has a legal obligation to act in their clients’ best interests. To learn more about what it’s like to work with Aspire Advisors, visit

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